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Life Care Center of Ooltewah gets amputee walking again

Thomas Ellis

Thomas Ellis had a rough early 2018.

It all started with gangrene in his left foot due to peripheral vascular disease in February, which necessitated surgery. His health roller coaster wasn’t over, however. In April, he developed pneumonia in both lungs, and in May, he had to have a below-the-knee amputation on his left leg...

Guinn shares her experience with rehab at Life Care Center of Ooltewah

Left to right: Daniel Hixon, occupational therapist; Jamie Presnell, physical therapist assistant; Cherry Guinn; and Haley Holder, occupational therapist assistant

After a fracture of the bone around her prosthetic right knee, Ooltewah, Tennessee, resident Cherry Guinn had difficulty taking care of herself and getting around.

Guinn chose to do her rehabilitation at Life Care Center of Ooltewah, a skilled nursing and rehab center close to home. She was a patient from March 22 to May 11, 2018....

Rehab at Life Care Center of Ooltewah gets Cornwell off feeding tube

William Cornwell with Ellen Ford, speech therapist

William Cornwell was on a feeding tube since May 2017 due to a fractured clavicle and ribs after a fall at home. 

His daughter and sitter believed he could swallow and enjoy foods and drinks again, so they brought him to Life Care Center of Ooltewah, Tennessee, on Sept. 25 for speech therapy....

Life Care Center of Ooltewah helps patient recover from pneumonia

Richard Donovan

“I arrived at Life Care Center of Ooltewah [, Tennessee,] after a two-month stay in the ICU,” said Richard Donovan. “I did not think I would make it.”

Time and effort would prove that prognosis wrong....