Left to right: Daniel Hixon, occupational therapist; Jamie Presnell, physical therapist assistant; Cherry Guinn; and Haley Holder, occupational therapist assistant

After a fracture of the bone around her prosthetic right knee, Ooltewah, Tennessee, resident Cherry Guinn had difficulty taking care of herself and getting around.


Guinn chose to do her rehabilitation at Life Care Center of Ooltewah, a skilled nursing and rehab center close to home. She was a patient from March 22 to May 11, 2018.


She recently shared her experience with the staff at the center:


While I was in Life Care Center of Ooltewah, I became a part of the community in rehab. I was a physical and occupational therapy patient. … This staff is very encouraging and protective of their patients. I felt like I belonged. … Seeing this sense of community in rehab was a truly unique experience for me. I was also amazed at how well they all got along with each other. It is remarkable how this staff was selected so that they all genuinely supported each other. I know that workplace environments tend to reflect the personality of their leader, and I believe that this group reflects well of Jhei Adigun [ director of rehab services].


Six weeks after surgery, my surgeon was surprised to find that my X-ray revealed my fracture was ‘completely healed.’ He said, ‘I can’t argue with an X-ray’ and released me to full weight-bearing, moving from a walker to a cane.


The rehab family was so excited with the news from my doctor. They really rejoiced with me, as did the nursing staff. Within a week and a half, my PT and OT staff had me ready to transition home on a walker.


I was very emotional the last couple of days I was in Life Care Center of Ooltewah. So many of the staff in rehab, nursing, housekeeping, social services, activities, dietary and administration had become friends, almost like family. …


I could not have asked for a better rehab experience. I did not anticipate the depth of investment in my care as I was made a part of the rehab department. This experience can be described as being invited into a community of friends. While I believe healing is bestowed on us by God, He surrounds us with people to facilitate this healing. In my case, He chose Life Care Center of Ooltewah.

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